Fall down seven times, get up eight

When it comes to exercise, inertia is a major factor that either keeps you going or prevents you from even getting started.

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about “falling off the wagon” when it comes to getting in workouts. The interesting thing is that how long you’re “off the wagon” has a strong impact on how easy it is to get back on. When the time since your last workout to now stretches beyond days and weeks and into months and years, it can be a real challenge to get moving again.

A compounding issue is that “getting back on the wagon” typically results in at least a few falls because you inevitably try to get the wagon moving too fast at first. Another way to put it is – going from 0 to 100 miles per hour too quickly. This inevitably leads to something going awry. After falling off a few times, it’s easy to consider giving up. Going back to square one often feels demoralizing – mainly due to the unfair comparison of your current self with your past selves. As a result, you avoid starting something scary and challenging.

This is the main reason why I created 10 Minutes to Better (10M2B). To help people like you get back on the wagon progressively so you can build intensity and intention on your own time, and at your own pace.

To be clear, 10M2B isn’t the last program you’ll ever need for any goal you may ever have. It’s a program that leverages a proven approach to fitness (and goal setting in general). Throughout the program you’ll build confidence in your physical development, and pride in your accomplishments, all while improving your relationship with yourself and your body.

Here’s what you get in the 8 week squat and push-up program:

  • A weekly 10-minute follow-along skill-based routine (to do as many times as you can during the week)
  • Bi-weekly 10-minute follow-along mobility routines
  • Weekly tips on building your consistent training habit
  • Email access to me for any training-related questions

If you’re ready to begin moving again, and want to build the confidence you can lean on to help you restart whenever needed, click here to join the 10 Minutes to better program.

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Chris Gaines

I help people discover the impact of athleticism in their everyday life. With that clarity, they navigate misconceptions around fitness. With that focus, they pursue movement skills with intention and a larger purpose. All so they can face life's everyday challenges and grow with confidence.

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