Is it better to break up a training session throughout the day, or complete it in one time block?

This is a great question that I get asked often. The answer depends on your goals and challenges.

Let’s say your goal is to develop a specific skill set. Then it doesn’t matter whether you complete the whole training session at one time or whether you break it up. What matters is that you’re able to practice the skills that will help you get better.

Let’s say your goal is to move more. Then breaking up your training throughout the day is almost preferable. It’ll keep you moving and reduce the amount of time you sit sedentary.

Or, let’s say your goal is to improve your conditioning. Then alter your intensity to stress your body in a way that will result in more cardio fitness. If you only have a specific amount of time, then adjust to fit the training into what you can do.

Let’s say you’re like me and many others. Your goal is to be more consistent day to day and week to week. Then breaking your training is a solid way to help you achieve that.

Is there an argument for completing all your training at one time? Sure, to get it done.

If you’re clear on the purpose of your training, you can make the time you do have worthwhile.

Here are some things that are critical to any program’s success. 

  1. A clear, stated goal
  2. An awareness of what you can physically do today
  3. An awareness of the next milestone you’re working towards
  4. An understanding of how much time you have to commit towards progress each day and week
  5. Commitment to & scheduling of that time
  6. Patience with the process

The next time you’re planning on beginning a program, go through this list and try to address each item.

Who knows? You may surprise yourself with what you’re able to achieve.

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Chris Gaines

I help people discover the impact of athleticism in their everyday life. With that clarity, they navigate misconceptions around fitness. With that focus, they pursue movement skills with intention and a larger purpose. All so they can face life's everyday challenges and grow with confidence.

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