Training doesn’t get easier. You just get better.

When it comes to fitness training, what does “better” mean to you? What’s the goal of your effort?

And what is it for? What’s the purpose of that “better” beyond its immediate function?

These are questions you can ask yourself to make more progress in each training session. For me, “better” can mean faster, stronger, balanced, more controlled, or more resistant to fatigue. Not all at once, of course!

For example, when I’m training kettlebell snatches, reminders flow freely. Every few sets I’ll notice myself shifting into familiar patterns. Either my elbow straightens too much, I snap out of the hinge too late, or I don’t load my foot enough. I’ll then think of a cue to refocus my actions for the next few sets.

The purpose of my “better” is to allow me to continue to develop my fitness to promote my long-term health. With that in mind, when I finish a training session and my body feels good – albeit tired – I’ve made some progress towards my “better.”

So something to ask yourself before your next training session is: “What’s your ‘better’?”

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Chris Gaines

I help people discover the impact of athleticism in their everyday life. With that clarity, they navigate misconceptions around fitness. With that focus, they pursue movement skills with intention and a larger purpose. All so they can face life's everyday challenges and grow with confidence.

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