How to measure “fitness”

There are many ways to measure your health other than simply physical fitness. Measuring physical fitness has become the common means of determining how attractive, capable, strong, or fast you are. But there’s another aspect of fitness that we need to keep top of mind. Pun intended, it’s your mind. It’s easy to forget that your body and mind are inseparably linked. Therefore when we address one, we should consider how the other is impacted.

Measuring and improving mental ‘fitness’ is a critical aspect of developing and maintaining physical fitness – and vice versa. One way to measure your mental fitness is simply practicing reflection, which is defined as “serious thought or consideration.” By reflecting on your day or your week, you’ve given yourself the ability to learn something from your experiences. But, how do I reflect? Well, I’m glad you asked! I’m no expert, so I’m sharing this helpful article on why reflection is so important, different ways you can practice it, and how to integrate it into your work/home life.

At the end of the day, if you want to improve, you need to figure out what’s not working. Only then can you fix it and move forward with more confidence and renewed passion.

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Chris Gaines

I help people discover the impact of athleticism in their everyday life. With that clarity, they navigate misconceptions around fitness. With that focus, they pursue movement skills with intention and a larger purpose. All so they can face life's everyday challenges and grow with confidence.

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